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Learn about the Needs Being Met
​Through Bridges of Faith

Bridges of Faith started with a goal of offering Ukrainian orphans the opportunity to be hosted in the homes of Christian Americans. Its reach has extended nationally and continuous to grow. Though not an adoption agency, many of the children hosted through Bridges of Faith have gone on to be adopted by their host families or others through the appropriate legal processes.  Bridges of Faith has legal counsel both in the United States and in Ukraine, and has an exceptional record of successful hosting.

With 25 years of experience, Bridges of Faith has a track record of success, however the war in Ukraine has changed much for Ukrainian orphans. Even so, the commitment of Bridges of Faith to the well-being of these precious children remains steadfast and unwavering, even as we expand our reach to include others from Ukraine who are in need.

As we collectively come to terms with the impact of a cruel dictator ordering the invasion and bombing of the sovereign nation of Ukraine, we are reminded that the rulers of this world are just that.  We place our hope in the true sovereignty of our heavenly father, knowing that his desires for us, and moreover for the children of Ukraine are good.  Because we trust in God, we feel led to minister to the people of Ukraine, now more than ever.  In the coming weeks, Bridges of Faith will share more of the exciting inspirations God has placed in our hearts.  Until then, know that the gifts you give are being used to meet real needs right now.

  • ​A family from Mykolaiv who had an apartment rented, but no money for furniture was given assistance to furnish their apartment so their young son, Bogdad, stricken with Legg-Calve-Perthes disease and unable to walk, could be be comforted in a proper home.

  • Our team members registered with Polish authorities as relief workers, and were asked to transport a young mother and her two children from the border reception center at Chełm to Warsaw, so they could re-unite with family members there.

  • ​We teamed-up with a Swedish Christian mission to provide a car-load of fresh fruit and vegetables to the Hope House, a home that provides Ukrainian refugees with temporary shelter as they flee their war-ravaged homeland.

  • One of the Poland Team members shared the story of a 26 year-old young woman who shared a video of her city being bombed.  He told the young woman that just as God made a way for her to escape the death and destruction of her city, so too has He made a way for us to be forever safe from the death and destruction of our sinful world.​

The first ever Bridges of Faith Poland Team was led by Chris Jahraus and Ernest Champion, both healthcare providers.  Here are just a few examples of what God has done with donations to Bridges of Faith in Poland:

Bridges of Faith also sent out our first team to Romania, led by Trent and Sim Hartsfield.  Here, Trent speaks of his efforts with a national correspondent from TMZ...

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