Nancy recently retired from her position as a school teacher with Jefferson County Board of Education with 25 years of teaching experience with children. This consisted of 2 years with exceptional education and 23 years with elementary education. Her Bachelors and Masters Degrees are in Education from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She now serves as Missions Coordinator at Graysville First United Methodist Church. Her adult daughter lives in Germany and her son is with our Heavenly Father. Here is Nancy’s story in her words…
“I felt God calling me twice in my life. The first time I heard God call, he called me to become a school teacher. I now hear his call again, this time to do ministry work for Bridges of Faith. Both times God used children to bid his calling. Working with children fills a void in my heart.
I first learned of Bridges of Faith four years ago when I was interested in our church becoming involved in an International mission. I wanted something tangible enough to see. My niece told me about Bridges of Faith and the ministry to the Ukrainian orphans. I was amazed that such a place existed. A few of my church members and I began visiting the orphans in Billingsley, bringing them snacks, Bibles, breakfast foods, etc. During my visits, the children would touch my heart by reading the Bibles we brought them in their beautiful Ukrainian language. Once, a young girl, Elliana, quickly volunteered to read the Bible. At that moment, I knew I wanted to become more involved in the ministry. God’s calling continued its work in my heart. During my visit, I mentioned to one of the leaders that I was interested in going on the short term mission trips and working with the orphans. I was still teaching school; my time was limited for this.
My plans for retirement five years ago went much like this. I wanted to start a cupcake bar on the beach. God said, “No.” I wanted to spend the summer and fall with my daughter and see Europe. God said, “No.” I wanted to go to Honduras and teach sanitary conditions to the village people. God said, “No, but you’re getting close.”
Pastor Tom asked me to join the staff of Bridges of Faith after I retired as a school teacher. I prayed fervently for several months. One night while driving home from Bridges of Faith, I realized I had an abundance of joy in my heart whenever I was on campus. I could see the faces of the children running around the dining hall, laughing and dancing. I could see Eliana’s face reading scripture. I knew that I was called to be at Bridgestone.”