Kent Dever and wife Christal stand as oak trees as caretakers at BridgeStone. After many short-term trips to Ukraine and Appalachian Kentucky, the Devers have (in retirement) provided amazing leadership in developing the BridgeStone facility. As caretakers, they massage the physical plant from day to day and are simply invaluable to the smooth operation of BridgeStone.
Christal is from Muncie, Indiana and graduated of Ambers Beauty School in 1965. She and Kent married in September of 1968 and lived in Indiana for 32 years. After living in Phoenix Arizona for two years, the Devers moved to Alabama where they have stayed for over 30 years! Christal trained in the Assemblies of God Missionettes and Royal Rangers programs and has taught children in the age range of 5-7 year olds for over 30 years.


Christal’s Story

In 1999, I met Tom Benz via my children’s’ pastors wife, Patty Walters. She invited me to do summer camp project in the Ukraine working with orphans. I have since visited Ukraine doing summer camps 10 times. Nine years ago when Tom Benz purchased Bridgestone, he was looking for a retired couple who could repair, clean and be caretakers. I had been praying as my husband had recently retired. This was an answer to my prayers. We have been caretakers there now for going on 9 years this next month. Working with awesome volunteers and over 16 groups of Ukrainian orphans. This place had previously been my churchs’ state youth camp. Many prayers have been prayed at this site and God has done many miraculous things. He has done great things. I look forward to more time with children of Ukraine and local people. God has prepared me to do something no one else can do “For such a time as this”.

My interests are crafting, scrapbooking and travel/camping. I have two grown sons Jason and Patrick. And one granddaughter Leiland.