Audrey Adamson has spent the last ten years in the non-profit sector doing program scheduling, planning, and development as well as grant writing. Audrey graduated with Honors from Auburn University Montgomery with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2005. Audrey is certified by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) which is the only workforce development organization that certifies diverse, work-ready talent for the nonprofit sector. She is an active alumnus of the Auburn Montgomery Chapter and was nominated NLA Nonprofit Professional of the Year in 2013.
She is also very involved with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Riding International. PATH the premier accreditation and certification program aimed at promoting safe and effective horseback riding and ground lessons for those with disabilities. Audrey serves as a Registered Certified Instructor and Region 5 Representative. Due to her passion for working with young children, Audrey also became a certified Educator in Autism to serve children with autistic spectrum disorders. An advocate for those with disabilities and chronic disease, Audrey was invited by the American Kidney Fund to participate in Kidney Action Day in Washington D.C. in 2014.

Audrey’s Story:

There are sometimes when I can’t do my life like I used too. Diagnosed with chronic illness, I was limited with what I could do physically but still wanted to change the world. So I prayed. I prayed and I prayed. God shut one door right in my face. I was upset and wondering what all y praying had been about, but I didn’t have to wait long. The next day my best friend called me about Bridges of Faith and said she had to talk to the staff and they were interested in meeting me. She said she had no idea why she mentioned them to me, but I knew. I knew God had put it in her heart to connect me with this amazing organization. So I called and, two weeks later, I was here full time.

When I first stepped onto BridgeStone, I knew I was home. A country girl at heart, I could feel God’s spirit in the nature all around me, in the people, in the water, and on the grounds. I came into this job with a limited range of motion and always tired. But the staff understood; they knew God made me specially. So as I began to live and work at BridgeStone, I saw my health began to blossom. While my condition can’t be cured, I am feeling a hundred times better. I credit a lot of it to being here and following the path He laid before me (a path that led to doctors and treatments as well). I followed and He rewarded me with new blessing in my health.

When I came to Bridges of Faith, I was excited about working with children. I loved children especially those under the age of 12 or those with disabilities. This was a gift he had given me and has served me well. I was so excited to come here and change these children’s lives. I would make a difference! I would change the world!

But here’s what I didn’t know: it has changed me. In just two cycles of children, my life changed in ways that I never imagined. I learned many, many things. I learned that there is always a reason to be happy and grateful. I will never forget the one boy who always had a smile even though he had gone through so much abuse as a child. Then there was the teenage girl that taught me that teenagers could be just as loving and care as the younger children and that I could create as deep a bond with them as well. God used them to change me, so I would see the world in anew light.

I followed God when He said move. I went obediently. There is only one thing I am sure of: that for the second time in my 32 years, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I’m changing the world but letting it change me.