Have you ever thought about answering God’s call, Isaiah 1:17 – to take up the cause of orphans? Then consider privately hosting an orphan in you home! Children come for a month around the Christmas holiday and then for six weeks starting usually mid-June.

If you are interested in hosting or specific child or want to see which kids are hostable call Nancy Hendrix at 205-586-1281 or e-mail nancy@bridgesoffaith.com.


FAQ Regarding Private Hosting


Bridges of Faith started Private Hosting program in summer 2014 because there was a number of orphans that visited BridgeStone and did not find a forever home. Every child that comes here and stays for a month becomes a part of our family – we had to do something, we had to give the children another chance. Our key volunteers agreed to help and several children came that first summer. More families decided to be a part of this project in summer 2015, and between eleven wonderful homes, fourteen orphans were able to spend three months surrounded by the love of their Host Family and friends. Several speed bumps, as well as tons of amazing stories, made the program alive. There were many things that could and should have gone differently; however we all saw God working through all the ups and downs and we saw the transformation of many, many lives! Seventeen orphans spent Christmas Holidays of 2015 learning about true love, family, and hope. We look forward to what’s next!

We look for families that are willing to make a step of faith, to get out of their comfort zone and be true hands and feet of Jesus. Are you one of them? We want the children to experience family, to see healthy relationships between spouses, between parents and children. We believe that you cannot reach a goal you’ve never seen – we cannot expect orphans to grow up and live a reasonable life if all they know is abandonment, criticism, and abuse. We also want these children to learn about Jesus, about hope. We want them to believe in miracles not because someone tells them but because they experienced ones themselves.

After you fill in the application form and we run a background check, you will receive a Hosting Manual that explains more about the program. 6 weeks prior to children’s arrival all of the Host Families will gather together for an information session and to meet those who GET IT. The children will arrive to and depart from Atlanta airport. More information to follow.

The cost ranges between $2500-2800 and includes all the documents, airfare, and insurance. There wasn’t a family that received a revelation to host and had a money issue – God has been faithful and has been providing miraculously! Church family and friends are eager to plug in; there are also fund-raising ideas.


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