While the children are on site, we need lots of volunteer help. Come out to love on the children, but consider helping out in a deeper way. You can volunteer by contacting  Candy Parker at 334-343-1451.

House Parenting

Parents are needed to stay with the children overnight at Centerpoint. House parents create deep bond helping the children wind down at night and making breakfast in the morning. House parents help with laundry and dishes at CenterPoint, but the main goal is to show these children how a normal family unit operations. Because of this, volunteers children are welcomed and highly encouraged. The family is invited to participate in day’s events and spend quality time with these children. House parents must provide a valid driver’s license and pass a background check.

Activities & Crafts

Individuals and groups are invited to plan actives for the children. Does your Girl Scott Troup like to do crafts? Bring them out to do crafts with the children! Does your church have a puppet ministry? Schedule a day to come perform with the children! Want to sponsor a trip to go ice skating? Contact us!

Bring a Meal

The orphans have never experienced having plenty of food. At Bridges of Faith, we provide three ample meals a day and plenty of snacks. To minimize costs, we ask that individuals and groups provide a meal for the children. Don’t have time to make a meal? You can provide breakfast foods for the house parents to cook or fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy snack choices. For more information, check out our meal guide.


With a small staff, we need a lot of help with upkeep on site. During the summer, we need people to mow; it doesn’t stop growing just because the children are here! We also need help keeping the dining room clean as well a CenterPoint. When children are away on overnight trips, we strip and wash their beddings and bathrooms and hands are needed to help with this task.


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