Needs for Children

Check out our Walmart Registry!

Boy’s underwear
Boys swimsuits
Boy’s socks
Boy’s shoes
Girl’s underwear
Girls swimsuits (1 piece or tankinis)
Girl’s socks
Girl’s summer pajamas
Nail polish
Nail polish remover
Suitcases and large duffel bags (wheels preferred)
Water wings
Life vests
Pool toys
Hair brushes
Ponytail bands
Body wash (male & female)
Deodorants (male & female)
Craft pom-poms
Chenille Yarn
Embroidery thread multipack
Plastic lace
Yarn needles (tapestry size 18 and 22)
Embroidery needles
Scrapbooking stickers
Glue sticks

Items for Bridgestone

Large bags of sugar
Large bags of flour
Gallon size tea bags
Large containers of drink mixes
16 oz. drinks cups
Paper plates
Paper bowls
Plastic cutlery
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Aluminum foil
Saran wrap
Gallon size zip locks bags
Quart size sips lock bags
Sandwich bags
Paper lunch bags
Foil baking pans
Vegetable oil
Nonstick cooking spray
13-gallon garbage bags
37-gallon garbage bags
42-gallon garbage bags
Insect replant and spray
Storage tubs with lids
Laundry detergent
Dryer sheets
Dawn dish detergent
Mosquito spray
First aid items (esp. band-aids)
Cleaning supplies (Lysol spray, cleaner sprays, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.)




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