Volunteers fuel BOF.  Only Tom lives within the organization.  Everyone else volunteers.  Our full-time staff raises their own support as domestic missionaries.  It’s a hallmark of the BOF movement.

If the grass is mowed at BridgeStone, a volunteer mowed it.  If a meal is prepared, a volunteer prepared it.  If a bed is made, a volunteer made it.

In the same way, donations enable the work.  If the lights come on, a donor made that possible.  If a van transports orphans, a donor gave the van, another donor put fuel in it and a third donor paid for the insurance.  If an orphan comes from Ukraine, someone wrote that check to break the cycle of destruction and give a child a chance at real life.

Be a part of breaking that cycle! Nancy Hendrix at 205-586-1281 or e-mail nancy@bridgesoffaith.com

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