Pray. We need volunteers.  We need money.  Above everything, we need those who will call out to God for the orphan.  To come, day and night to the Father, pleading for the vulnerable and the fatherless.  We need those prayers for His direction, for His wisdom, and for his provision in our own lives.

Go. We need you to go. We need the Body of Christ to go with us directly to Ukraine to declare His love, His plan, and His purpose to orphans and many others. It’s a life-changing experience for those we meet and for those who go. And, we need for you to ‘go’ to the work at BridgeStone in Central Alabama to touch lives there, either by directly ministering His love to others or by helping facilitate that ministry through construction, laundry, meal service, etc.

Give. We need those who will give.  As I stood in front of a local business, the owner said, “Tom, I couldn’t do what you do.”  I answered, “And I can’t do what I do without you doing what you do.”  It costs about $77,000 to bring a group of ten orphans to BridgeStone for four weeks.  That money comes in all shapes and sizes, from very small to very large gifts.  Every one of those gifts come together to complete the picture.


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