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Orphans for Christmas

Dear Friend,

Over the weekend, Jon, my co-worker, told me a story about Zhenya, one of the precious little girls who visited BridgeStone last December. Her special needs marked her as more vulnerable and even more endearing.

Bridges of Faith led an outreach in Zhenya’s orphanage this past spring that both Jon and I attended. One morning, as the breeze danced through the orphanage yard, Zhenya took Jon’s hand. She led him to a large tire, used as a sandbox, and invited him to sit with her.

Zhenya ran her small fingers over the lettering on the tire’s sidewall. Zhenya knows some English, so Jon was not surprised when she sounded out ‘Bridgestone.’ What followed blew Jon away.

Zhenya looked up at Jon, her blue eyes peering through blonde bangs. She looked at Jon and said, “BridgeStone, Alabama.”

Her expression, her posture, her tone of voice – everything about Zhenya saying these two words shouted the deep impact in her life that came through visiting BridgeStone with Bridges of Faith. Jon could see in her eyes what Zhenya lacked the vocabulary to express. It melted his heart.

The BridgeStone experience changed Zhenya’s life. She experienced love and freedom. She could just be a child and safely explore her world. She met with God on her child’s level.

God used us to change Zhenya’s life forever. We now have this wonderful opportunity to give this greatest gift to ten more children as they come to BridgeStone this Christmas. Will you help us give that gift? Will you help us give hope and love to a child who really needs it? Each child needs $2500 to get to BridgeStone; this covers airfare, insurance, passport, visa, etc.

Your gift of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more will change a life. Will you make that gift today?

For the children this Christmas,

Tom Benz, BA, BME, MLitt
334 221-0385


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