The ongoing miracle of BridgeStone provides the setting for eternally changed lives. After two hours on campus, one visitor confessed that she felt as though someone was hugging her the whole time. A woman of Confucian faith, she experienced the holy presence of God on campus.

Some describe special locations as thin places, places where the barrier between heaven and earth almost disappears. Over the years, many people have found new direction, new life, forgiveness, healing, restoration and love in this truly thin place. Add the crazy fun of the Almighty Mud Run, the beautiful Goodwin Pool, paintball and other great activities to great meals and rich relationships, and you begin to understand the miracle called BridgeStone.

The camp is located just 7 miles off I-65 at Exit 200 Verbena.

BridgeStone Retreat Center
302 County Road 383
Billingsley, AL 36006

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